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Online marketing and the best strategyTo stay competitive in this day and age, it’s important that you have an internet marketing strategy for your business. It’s estimated that 85% of customers look for products and services on the internet. With this in mind, you must realise you could be losing lots of customers with no online presence.

Any internet marketing strategy begins with a web presence of some kind. It’s a good start to have a professional and responsive website. You can treat your website as the “hub” in your internet marketing strategy. A website is where you initially set up your company brand online and craft your message to customers. It’s important to make sure that it’s mobile-friendly too. Your website should look great on many devices – desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Whatever way your customer prefers to browse the internet, you need to able to be seen. If your website is unreadable on a smartphone, or only a portion of the site is visible because it is sized for a desktop and not responsive, it is no longer effective for internet marketing.

This means that if your website’s unreadable on a smartphone, or only a portion of the site is visible because it’s not fully responsive and sized for a desktop, it won’t be effective for internet marketing. Customers tend not to spend time scrolling sideways or making too much effort read the text. They will go to a site that is easier for them. Don’t let your competitor get the upper hand by doing something you don’t do.

What Should An Internet Marketing Strategy Include?

Any good internet marketing strategy for a business needs to include:

  • A well designed and responsive website that will market directly to your customers. The site content should be engaging and search friendly so that the needs of the customer are met. Relevancy is paramount in all of this. Without the relevance of message to market and products that are designed to fill the requirements of any customer, it’s not going to be effective.
  • The website needs to be mobile-friendly. It also needs to be suitable for tablets and all kinds of device your customers can use. If the site can be accessed from anywhere by anyone, you have covered all your “angles”.
  • The website will require optimization for Search Engines like Google, Bing and more. Having the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO), starting from local SEO up to worldwide if you want that, will help improve the rankings in search engine listings. SEO can help to increase the quality and quantity of organic (free or non-paid) traffic that comes to your website. If you’re on a budget there are many courses available to help you with local SEO training all the way up to the more advanced stuff.
  • You will need a good social media presence. This will include business pages on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus and other useful resources. These should all link to your website, with it being your “hub”. Each social media page and profile need to interlink between each other too. The bigger your presence is online, the better. A simple post on a Facebook page asking someone to check out your Linked In profile is enough for search engines to recognize your relevant properties and presence online.
  • Get some instruction on effective Content marketing skills. You will be able to write an informative blog if you do this to help you get more leads. You will also be able to distribute a newsletter if you can set up a capture form on your website. This form is linked to an autoresponder and builds a list of prospects you can email. It’s also a good idea to include YouTube videos on your website.
  • As your business grows, you can attract more customers by adding Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising using Google AdWords, Facebook or other social media PPC platforms. It’s a good idea to get some training on this. It can prove

    a good internet marketing strategy is vital for business

    to be expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing when you start. You will see PPC ads featured as paid ads on Google or Bing and on Facebook at the side of your profile.

A good rank on search engine listings, blog articles, social media marketing and content marketing all have the potential to drive customers to your website. All these things add up to a good internet marketing strategy to help get more customers for your products or services.

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